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First let's listen to Scholastic talk about TOP ELF:

The elves can't be kept on shelves in this hilarious middle-grade debut about what happens when Santa opens a contest to find his successor.

Ollie is a very happy elf -- happy to work in Santa's workshop, happy to invent new games with his best friend Celia, happy to be a part of Christmas. Never in a million years would it have occurred to him that he'd have a chance to be the next Santa.

Who will sweep the chimney-climbing event? Whose ride will sleigh the competition? Where can a few extra reindeer be found? All these questions (and more) are answered in this hysterically funny, deeply adventurous tale of elves and Clauses vying for Pole position.

Okay, now let's listen to ME talk about it:
It's good!
Whew, glad that's over!
Now for the fun part.
Avid Bookshop has bonuses for pre-ordering!

Everyone who pre-orders Top Elf from Avid Bookshop will get their book signed, AND a limited edition print of art inspired by Top Elf! My friend Juliana Chen, an animator and Google Doodler, is making something amazing! These will only be printed for pals who pre-order, and no one else.

Anyone who orders 5 or more copies will get a special personal video thank you from me in a brand new video series, Jokes With Dogs, wherein I will tell a joke to a dog! This is a very simple and straightforward premise that will not get complicated or especially silly in any way.


At 200 preorders from Avid Bookshop, every book will also have a special letter included from Ollie and Celia, the main characters!

At 500 preorders from Avid Bookshop, I’ll run a 5k dressed as an elf and we’ll video/photograph the whole thing! For every 25 past 500, I’ll recruit someone else to join me, too, so we could end up with a whole Workshop’s worth of elves running in a big pack!

AT 1000 PREORDERS FROM AVID BOOKSHOP (!!!!!!!!) I’ll arrange something SO spectacular, SO amazing, and SO Christmas-y that I won’t even announce it before we reach 500 because it’ll bum me out too much to bring it up and not get to do.

So help us out!
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